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Soap Vox Lecture | Ph.D. Sean Roberts

Wednesday 5 October | 18:00 | Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 1

What Bilinguals can tell us about Language Evolution

“My PhD topic is how studies of Bilingualism and Language Evolution can inform each other. Children can learn two languages simultaneously, is there an evolutionary explanation to this? Many models of Language Evolution assume that people only speak one language, what implications does bilingualism have on these theories? I’ll talk about how I managed to avoid this topic for two years, including why it’s difficult to measure the number of languages someone speaks, why ‘languages’ may not be scientific kinds, what bilingualism has to do with magnets and why the number of traffic accidents in a country is a good predictor of linguistic diversity.”

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Entry is £1 and FREE to active members. Membership can be purchased on our EUSA profile or otherwise at that night.

The talk will start at 6:00 p.m. and last about 1 hour. It will be followed by a Q&A session (about half an hour). We will then go to a pub for food and drink with the speaker.

Our talks are public lectures open to all, regardless of whether you are a student or not or what or where you study if a student. We aim for all of our events to be accessible to all; please feel free to contact us beforehand if you require assistance or further information.

I can’t understand you. Really. And no, I don’t speak English.

I feel really bad for not having posted anything in ages but I am veeery busy at the moment (with, like, LangSoc for example 😉 ) so not enough time to write a “proper” post at the moment. When I came across this (well, I’ve had it among my youtube-likes for quite a while already…) I thought I’d share it with you on this blog so something happens on here again! 🙂

First Soap Vox Lecture | Prof. Heinz Giegerich

Wednesday 21 September | 18:00 | Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 1

A linguistic analysis of Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by woods”

For more information on Professor Heinz Giegerich see here:

Entry is £1 and FREE to active members.

The talk will start at 6:00 p.m. and last about 1 hr. There will be a Q&A/ discussion session at 7:00 p.m. which should last about half an hour.

We also plan to head to the pub after the talk for food and drink with the speaker.

Freshers Week Wug Crawl

Thursday 15 September | 20:30 | Malones Irish Bar, Forrest Road

Join us and our mascot wug[s] for a sociable night, whether you’re drinking or not, linguist or not, as we show you around the city’s best nightlife!

We’re meeting at Malones Irish Bar on Forrest Road, near to Potterow/Teviot/Bristo Square (map here: at 8:30pm, and look forward to seeing you there 🙂