The LangSoc committee works tirelessly around the clock. We do several things:

  • Arrange events for Langsoc
  • Give support to students who are in need of grammaticality judgements
  • Argue about the agreement markings in “the committee has/have agreed.”

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. For more technical aspects of the committee, consult the LangSoc Constitution.

The committee for 2014-2015 is as follows:

  • President: James Puchowski
  • Vice President: Michael Stone
  • Secretary: David Pickering
  • Treasurer: Max Dunn
  • Talk Organsers: Charlotte Stockton and David Pickering
  • Social Secretary: Marissa Field
  • First Year Representative: Amy Martin
  • Ordinary Members: Junyan Song – Emma Kouhi – Maria Dokovova – Zane Indane
  • Librarian: James Puchowski

Old Committees:

  • President: Aara Cleghorn
  • Vice President: Christopher Lewin
  • Secretary: Andrea Blomqvist
  • Treasurer: Michael Stone
  • Talk Organsers: Debbie Cousins & Shyla Hossain
  • Social Secretary: James Puchowski
  • First Year Representatives: David Pickering
  • Librarian & Webmaster: Jamie Sutherland
  • Ordinary Members: Rosie Mears – Max Dunn
  • Foreign Correspondents: Amy Goodwin-Davies, Kajsa Djärv, Karoline von dem Berge, Richard Littauer, Laura Tomlinson

  • President: Alasdair MacLeod
  • Vice President: Aara Cleghorn
  • Secretary: Ryan Hamilton
  • Treasurer: Shyla Hossain
  • Talk Organisers: Jennifer Heyward & Lauren Tormey
  • Social Secretary: Jamie Sutherland
  • Librarian: Pippa Shoemark
  • Webmaster: Gina Bruckner
  • Ordinary Members: David Arnold, Amie Leigh Fairs, Samantha Goodrick, Christopher Lewin, Peter Owen
  • Foreign Correspondents: Gina Bruckner, Amy Goodwin-Davies, Kajsa Djärv, Karoline von dem Berge, Richard Littauer, Laura Tomlinson

  • President: Georgina Brown
  • Vice President: Amy Goodwin-Davies
  • Secretary: Gina Bruckner
  • Treasurer: Laura Tomlinson
  • Talk Organiser: Kajsa Djärv
  • Social Secretary: Claudia Norrgren
  • Librarian: Christopher Lewin
  • Academic Families Coordinator: Ryan Hamilton
  • Webmaster: Pippa Shoemark
  • Ordinary Members: Rosie Kay, David Arnold, Laura Aichroth
  • Foreign Correspondents: Sam Goodrick, Amie Fairs, Alice Ware, Elizabeth Anderson, Sonja Virta, Richard Littauer
  • LEL Class Representatives: Joe Dewhurst, Naomi Beecroft, Signe Jorgensen, Gina Bruckner

  • President: Kajsa Djärv
  • Secretaries: Lili Fullerton & Elizabeth Anderson
  • Treasurer: David Arnold
  • Talk Organisers: Kajsa Djärv & David Arnold
  • Social Secretary: George Brown
  • Librarian: Laura Tomlinson
  • Academic Families Coordinators: Elsbeth Helfer, J Rae, Laura Tomlinson
  • Webmaster: Richard Littauer
  • Ordinary Members: Sam Goodrick, Celia Dugua, Pippa Shoemark
  • Foreign Correspondent: Amy Goodwin-Davies
  • LEL Class Representatives: Helen Jones, Amanda Grimm, Richard Littauer

Current Committee Members:


President & Librarian: James Puchowski (2nd Year Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies)

James Puchowski is LangSoc’s President and studies Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies. He prefers to read about historical and sociolinguistics as well as dialectology, as a student of Norwegian, which is known for its complex number of dialects and variation. When he is not studying, James plays the trumpet in the university’s brass band and also writes occasional articles on the Eurovision Song Contest.

Vice-President: Michael Stone (3rd Year Linguistics)

Michael is a third year Linguistics student from sunny Teesside. He is far too fickle and changeable to have long-term academic preferences, but goes into the year enjoying morphology, phonology and historical linguistics. When not linguisticsing he reads books, sleeps excessively and learns increasingly niche languages, currently focussing on Yiddish. He welcomes questions about linguistics, the society, being tall and getting around the North of England by train. He cannot guarantee helpful answers.

Secretary & Joint Talks Organiser: David Pickering (2nd Year Mandarin and Linguistics)

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Treasurer: Max Dunn (2nd Year Psychology and Linguistics)

Max Dunn is a 2nd year psychology and linguistics student. He is interested in the fields of psycholinguistics and language acquisition. Outside of academics Max leads the band section for Edinburgh Rev choir and likes to run and mountain bike.


Talks Organiser:  Charlotte Stockton (2nd Year French and Linguistics)

Charlotte is a 2nd year studying French and Linguistics and is one of LangSoc’s Talks Organisers. She has always loved learning languages and is particularly interested in sociolinguistics and how languages vary throughout the world. She has recently started learning Spanish and Mandarin, and would ideally like to become (close to) fluent in seven languages. Charlotte is from Yorkshire, but sadly her accent is only recognisable as northern in certain words (notably ‘bath’) and in her occasional use of glottal stops. Outside her degree, she enjoys Bhangra dancing, acting in French plays, and copy-editing for the Student, the University of Edinburgh’s student newspaper.

Social Secretary:  Marissa Field (2nd Year English Literature and English Language)

Marissa is a second-year student of English Literature & English Language from Seattle, USA. How she ended up here, studying Linguistics, is anyone’s guess. But having fallen in this deep, she’s come to find Psycholinguistics and the Philosophy of Language particularly interesting. When not dabbling in academic interests, Marissa likes weekly newspapers, ‘good’ music, cult films, and charity shopping. You can find her wandering around town rain or shine, so come say ‘hi’, she is ‘social’ secretary after all.

Interested in being on the LangSoc Committee?

If you are interested in representing the LEL student community, organising talks and events, putting on social nights out, designing posters and logos, getting to know staff better, having a great addition to your CV and, of course, putting in a little bit of hard work, then you should think about running for a committee position at the next LangSoc AGM.

Let us know if you would like to chat to us more about what goes on behind the scenes and helping out at events.
If you are an active (paid) member you may attend (and vote at) our AGM that takes place between weeks 7 and 11 of semester 2.
You may nominate yourself, or be nominated, for any of the committee positions above. New positions can be formed but only after a majority vote to create that position.

You may announce your nomination on the night, though it is recommended that you submit your nomination before-hand as this helps the scheduling of the AGM and allows you to stand if you can not attend the AGM.