The LangSoc committee works tirelessly around the clock. We do several things:

  • Arrange events for Langsoc
  • Give support to students who are in need of grammaticality judgements
  • Argue about the agreement markings in “the committee has/have agreed.”

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. For more technical aspects of the committee, consult the LangSoc Constitution.

The committee for 2013-2014 is as follows:

Old Committees:

  • President: Alasdair MacLeod
  • Vice President: Aara Cleghorn
  • Secretary: Ryan Hamilton
  • Treasurer: Shyla Hossain
  • Talk Organisers: Jennifer Heyward & Lauren Tormey
  • Social Secretary: Jamie Sutherland
  • Librarian: Pippa Shoemark
  • Webmaster: Gina Bruckner
  • Ordinary Members: David Arnold, Amie Leigh Fairs, Samantha Goodrick, Christopher Lewin, Peter Owen
  • Foreign Correspondents: Gina Bruckner, Amy Goodwin-Davies, Kajsa Djärv, Karoline von dem Berge, Richard Littauer, Laura Tomlinson

  • President: Georgina Brown
  • Vice President: Amy Goodwin-Davies
  • Secretary: Gina Bruckner
  • Treasurer: Laura Tomlinson
  • Talk Organiser: Kajsa Djärv
  • Social Secretary: Claudia Norrgren
  • Librarian: Christopher Lewin
  • Academic Families Coordinator: Ryan Hamilton
  • Webmaster: Pippa Shoemark
  • Ordinary Members: Rosie Kay, David Arnold, Laura Aichroth
  • Foreign Correspondents: Sam Goodrick, Amie Fairs, Alice Ware, Elizabeth Anderson, Sonja Virta, Richard Littauer
  • LEL Class Representatives: Joe Dewhurst, Naomi Beecroft, Signe Jorgensen, Gina Bruckner

  • President: Kajsa Djärv
  • Secretaries: Lili Fullerton & Elizabeth Anderson
  • Treasurer: David Arnold
  • Talk Organisers: Kajsa Djärv & David Arnold
  • Social Secretary: George Brown
  • Librarian: Laura Tomlinson
  • Academic Families Coordinators: Elsbeth Helfer, J Rae, Laura Tomlinson
  • Webmaster: Richard Littauer
  • Ordinary Members: Sam Goodrick, Celia Dugua, Pippa Shoemark
  • Foreign Correspondent: Amy Goodwin-Davies
  • LEL Class Representatives: Helen Jones, Amanda Grimm, Richard Littauer

Current Committee Members:


President: Aara Cleghorn (4th year Psychology & Linguistics)

Aara is from Trinidad, where they speak Trinidadian Creole, which is based on English, but very different. Since Trinidadians think of standard English as ‘proper’ and their own language as ‘bad’, she wants to help them to see their language as valid, so she’s interested in what makes a language a language, how language affects identity, and education in linguistics. She also likes playing the piano, bellydancing, sunshine, eating chocolate and going to the theatre.

Vice-President: Christopher Lewin (4th year Celtic Studies)Christopher

Christopher is a fourth year studying Celtic Studies with a strong interest in linguistics and languages in general. He is from the Isle of Man and speaks Manx, a language now being revived and having around 1600 speakers.

Secretary: Andrea Blomqvist (2nd year Philosophy and Linguistics)

Treasurer: Michael Stone (2nd year Linguistics) Michael

Michael is a newly minted single-honours linguistics student, after an unfortunate allergy to literature analysis made the Spanish part of his degree untenable. Michael’s hobbies include sleeping excessively, reading, spending far too much time travelling by train and writing letters; he has honed his skills in trombone-playing, Spanish and Swedish-speaking and cooking easy, easy food to the pinnacle of mediocrity. He is particularly fascinated by language development and the effects of culture and history on languages, but finds everything fairly interesting.

Talk Organiser: Debbie Cousins (2nd year Linguistics) Debbie

Debbie is from Northern Ireland, though spent a good bit of her life in Dublin and in South Africa, which has eleven official languages and is largely responsible for her fascination with language. Her hobbies include travelling, baking, organising things, and spending quality time with her friends. Her pet hate is when the word “you” in texts is shortened to “u” – Does it really take that long to write out the full word? She loves how linguistics explains what we know but don’t know we know, like when someone says “Please, take a seat” while pointing at a chair that we are being asked to sit down rather than pick one up and take it home.

Talk Organiser: Shyla Hossain (4th year Psychology & Linguistics)

Shyla is a complete monolingual, but finds linguistics quite enjoyable and full of surprises. Outside of linguistics (although linguistics relates to everything), she plays the piano and violin, enjoys playing games and completing DIY projects. She’s got a wide variety of interests, and is happy to answer any questions about anything at all, linguistically-related or not.

Social Secretary: James Puchskowski James(1st year Linguistics)

With a working knowledge of several languages including French, German, Spanish and even Esperanto, James takes every opportunity to learn a few more; this year he is taking Norwegian and Catalan with LEL. His interests lie within the cultural, anthropological and historical areas of language study, specifically with etymology, typology, translation and social and political effects on language change. Dependent on tea, coffee and chocolate bourbons for survival, James enjoys reading, playing his trumpet and taking part in debates. He states that part of his interest in language is established within his love for the Eurovision Song Contest.

First year Representative: David Pickering (1st year Linguistics)

First Year Representative: Rosie Mears Rosie(1st year English Language and Linguistics)

Rosie is a second year English Language and Linguistics student, having recently switched from single honours English Language, because she couldn’t bare to say goodbye to her new found love for morphology and sociolinguistics. Aside from her studies, Rosie is extremely passionate about art, and also enjoys running (weather permitting), so if you spot someone running around the meadows carrying a paintbrush, it’s probably her!!

Librarian & Webmaster: Jamie Sutherland (3rd year Philosophy & Linguistics)

Jamie is studying Philosophy and Linguistics. As a linguist, he is fascinated by syntactic theory and language evolution but he also has a love for cognitive science, philosophy of language, and maths (well, when his mood dictates anyway). Since coming to university, he has become increasingly skilled at forgetting French and Italian, organising picnics, and reaching the library borrowing limit. He enjoys tea, letter writing, spontaneous trips, early morning walks, fancy dress parties, opera, and the occasional dram.

Foreign Correspondent: Amy Goodwin-DaviesAmy

Amy is very enthusiastic about Linguistics and tea (among other things). She spent her third year at the University of Pennsylvania, which was excellent. Her primary research interests are morphosyntactic theory and psycholinguistics, and she hopes to be able to pursue these as a graduate student (location tbc). Please contact Amy if you are thinking about participating in the International Exchange programme at a US institution, or if you are considering applying to grad school in the States. She’d love to help.

Foreign Correspondent: Kajsa Djärv

Foreign Correspondent: Karoline von dem Berge

As there’s no way of holding on to the ERASMUS bubble, I decided to “get involved” with university life, as you would say over here. When I return home to Germany, I hope to take back a flavour of the community and commitment to everything linguistics related which I experienced through the excellent Linguistics department and the amazing EU LangSoc. I will try to set up a LangSoc at my home university, Freie Universität Berlin. Finding a society name that doesn’t sound ridiculous will not be the only obstacle to overcome. You should feel lucky about all the social opportunities that have been part of the EU experience for so long. I hope to bring at least a little bit of that back home. Good times as a double agent ahead! Feel free to ask me about my university, Berlin, Germany, my experiences at Edinburgh University (if you want to feel even better about where you are studying!), or even about being a language assistant in the Southwest of France. There’s stuff other than ERASMUS that you can do abroad!

Foreign Correspondent: Richard Littauer (MSc Computational Linguistics, University of Malta)

Richard has moved on from Edinburgh, but can’t seem to let go of things, being LangSoc’s helping hand. He was President of LangSoc at one point, and then webmaster, and also founded the Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain (ULAB) with David Arnold (along with IALS). Feel free to message him about anything to do with anything linguistical. He spends so much time on the web that he’s made a personal hub of all of his sites. It’s rather sad.

Foreign Correspondent: Laura Tomlinson

Laura loves drawing, writing, and watching old films. She’s a big fan of Fred and Ginger, and even she even does some ballroom dancing in her spare time.


Interested in being on the LangSoc Committee?

If you are interested in representing the LEL student community, organising talks and events, putting on social nights out, designing posters and logos, getting to know staff better, having a great addition to your CV and, of course, putting in a little bit of hard work, then you should think about running for a committee position at the next LangSoc AGM.

Let us know if you would like to chat to us more about what goes on behind the scenes and helping out at events.
If you are an active (paid) member you may attend (and vote at) our AGM that takes place between weeks 7 and 11 of semester 2.
You may nominate yourself, or be nominated, for any of the committee positions above. New positions can be formed but only after a majority vote to create that position.

You may announce your nomination on the night, though it is recommended that you submit your nomination before-hand as this helps the scheduling of the AGM and allows you to stand if you can not attend the AGM.