Classics Research Seminars

Linguistics students may be surprised to hear that there is a whole section of the University dedicated to Historical Indoeuropean Linguistics and Literature. I’m talking of course about the Classics department, which is somewhat alienated from our own (This is partially due to scheduling: one can’t take Latin 1 and Linguistics 1 at the same time.) This is a shame, I think, because the Linguistics department sprang from Philologists in Classics, and they have a lot in common.

Just as we have Linguistics Circle, a place to hear about current research in Linguistics from world-renowned scholars, Classics has their own research seminar. Many of the talks are about linguistics, and I think that some of you would find them interesting. I’ve uploaded a schedule of their talks, here. Sadly, they occur immediately before our own talks on Wednesday, which conflicts with the Committee meeting – but really, these are so good on occasion that it might be worth giving LangSoc a miss.

Here’s the schedule: Edinburgh Research Seminar 2011 Semester 2. I hope to see you there every now and then.

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