The LangSoc committee works tirelessly around the clock. We do several things:

  • Arrange events for LangSoc
  • Give support to students who are in need of grammaticality judgements
  • Argue about the agreement markings in “the committee has/have agreed.”

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. For more technical aspects of the committee, consult the LangSoc Constitution.

Current Committee Members (2016-2017):

President: Amy Martin (3rd Year Linguistics)

14101921_10202124600514599_1617324954_nAmy is LangSoc’s President and is a third-year Linguistics student. She is particularly interested in psycholinguistics and learning about obscure languages. She is also learning Spanish and British Sign language and would love to become fluent in them. Outside of University, Amy loves travelling in the UK and abroad, especially around Spanish cities.


Vice President: Nina Markl (2nd Year Linguistics and English Language)

14101685_1322617791089433_2092709903_nNina is a second year Linguistics and English Language student from Austria. She is interested in most things linguistic, especially bilingualism, sociolinguistics, and dialectology. She loves to travel and is on a quest to learn all Romance languages (Spanish and French – check) and some others on the way (because it’s rude and inconvenient to visit a country without being able to order coffee in their language). She also enjoys reading and getting (very) angry about politics.


Secretary: Emma Kouhi (3rd Year Linguistics)

12734017_10153948534139645_4346483990503526402_nEmma is a third-year Linguistics student from Finland, a fact she doesn’t quite know whether or not to be proud of. She is incredibly bad at making decisions and thus doesn’t know which part of linguistics she wants to study further, so she’ll probably end up studying all of the things, which may or may not work out. Currently, she’s interested in speech technology and computational linguistics, but terrified by how scary and scientific it all is. She loves answering questions about Finnish and fully admits that it really is quite a weird language.


Treasurer: Clarrie Baker (3rd Year Social Anthropology)

14080833_10210720771761522_1325847318_nClarrie is a third year Social Anthropology student. She is particularly interested in psycholinguistics and language acquisition but is also partial to some historical linguistics. When not studying Clarrie “enjoys” going to the gym and indulging her ever growing obsession with cats.


Talks Organiser: Jennifer Strenger (3rd Year English Language and Literature)

Jennifer is a third year English Language (and Linguistics) and Literature student from New Jersey. (Before you ask, no, she doesn’t have the accent. It’s because she’s from the southern part. She is aware that’s kind of a letdown. She would apologize, but she won’t.) When doing linguistics, Jennifer likes pragmatics and semantics, because (1) “I mean, it’s pragmatics” and (2) “semantics is cool, yo.” When doing literature, Jennifer likes to argue with poets from the Norton Anthology of English Literature, much to the amusement of Emma. If she is not doing either of those things, she is usually asleep.


Talks Organiser: Matthew Sung (2nd Year Linguistics)

14137765_10210690954978814_526342520_nMatthew is a Linguistics student from Hong Kong. He is interested in phonetics, phonology, historical linguistics, dialectology and European languages (especially regional languages). Recently, he has picked up an interest in Chinese dialects and syntax. He has learned German, Russian, Spanish and French before and will definitely learn more in the future. In his free time, he likes to listen to music and play musical instruments.


Social Secretary:  Charlotte Manning (4th Year English Language and Literature)

13524426_10153647127687374_1543720141879384135_nCharlotte Manning is a fourth year from Los Angeles, California doing English Literature and Language. She likes long walks on the beach and soul searching while listening to Simon & Garfunkel (Is there any other way?)


PPLS Liaison: Hannah Darwin (4th Year Linguistics)

14409316_10205951244734119_1489504425_nHannah is a 4th year Linguistics and English Language student from Aberdeen. Her obsession with wugs is getting a bit out of hand and she will probably end up with a wug tattoo at the end of the year.


Webmaster: James Michaelov (4th Year Linguistics and Philosophy)

committeejamesJames is a fourth-year Philosophy and Linguistics student from London. He is particularly keen on semantics and phonology, but won’t turn down a good bit of historical linguistics (hwæt?). Interests include hillwalking, the saxophone, and not knowing how to write an informative description of himself (as evidenced here).


First-Year Representative: Brandon Papineau

12985514_819715381466782_2854621770204956210_nBrandon is a first year Linguistics student from San Diego, California. Linguistically speaking, his interests revolve mainly around minority & endangered language preservation and education, as evidenced by the fact that he can commonly be found with a book of Cornish grammar in his hand. Additionally, Brandon studies both Spanish and Russian, and has taken courses in Greek and Mandarin in the past, as well. When not studying Linguistics, he can be found both performing in and watching live theatre and hanging out with his friends around Edinburgh.


Ordinary Member: Griffith Tai



Ordinary Member: Alex Hersey

14610856_1098548470222701_1831948859_nAlex is a first-year Linguistics and Social Anthropology student hailing from Boston. Aside from being a HUGE Shakespeare nerd, she enjoys learning about the linguistic correlations among languages (e.g. Russian, Latin, French, English and Dutch) and arguing about when to use “fewer than” vs. “less than”. Also really likes debating the Oxford Comma. In her downtime, you can find Alex either watching ludicrous amounts of TV or trying to explain the mechanics behind producing EDM or the brilliance behind rap to people.


(Most of) the current committee when we invited David Crystal to give a talk.

Interested in being on the LangSoc Committee?

If you are interested in representing the LEL student community, organising talks and events, putting on social nights out, designing posters and logos, getting to know staff better, having a great addition to your CV and, of course, putting in a little bit of hard work, then you should think about running for a committee position at the next LangSoc AGM.

Let us know if you would like to chat to us more about what goes on behind the scenes and helping out at events.
If you are an active (paid) member you may attend (and vote at) our AGM that takes place between weeks 7 and 11 of semester 2.
You may nominate yourself, or be nominated, for any of the committee positions above. New positions can be formed but only after a majority vote to create that position.

You may announce your nomination on the night, though it is recommended that you submit your nomination before-hand as this helps the scheduling of the AGM and allows you to stand if you can not attend the AGM.


Old Committees:

  • President: Michael Stone
  • Vice President: Amy Martin
  • Secretary: Emma Kouhi
  • Treasurer: James Michaelov
  • Talks Organisers: Catherine Arnett and Jennifer Strenger
  • Social Secretary: Charlotte Manning
  • Academic Support Officer: James Reid
  • Ordinary Members: Clarrie Baker – Adam Dahmer – Chris Harris
  • First Year Representative: Pramay Rai
  • Foreign Correspondents: James Puchowski and Charlotte Stockton

  • President: James Puchowski
  • Vice President: Michael Stone
  • Secretary: David Pickering
  • Treasurer: Max Dunn
  • Talk Organisers: Charlotte Stockton and David Pickering
  • Social Secretary: Marissa Field
  • First Year Representative: Amy Martin
  • Ordinary Members: Junyan Song – Emma Kouhi – Maria Dokovova – Zane Indane
  • Librarian: James Puchowski

  • President: Aara Cleghorn
  • Vice President: Christopher Lewin
  • Secretary: Andrea Blomqvist
  • Treasurer: Michael Stone
  • Talk Organsers: Debbie Cousins & Shyla Hossain
  • Social Secretary: James Puchowski
  • First Year Representatives: David Pickering
  • Librarian & Webmaster: Jamie Sutherland
  • Ordinary Members: Rosie Mears – Max Dunn
  • Foreign Correspondents: Amy Goodwin-Davies, Kajsa Djärv, Karoline von dem Berge, Richard Littauer, Laura Tomlinson

  • President: Alasdair MacLeod
  • Vice President: Aara Cleghorn
  • Secretary: Ryan Hamilton
  • Treasurer: Shyla Hossain
  • Talk Organisers: Jennifer Heyward & Lauren Tormey
  • Social Secretary: Jamie Sutherland
  • Librarian: Pippa Shoemark
  • Webmaster: Gina Bruckner
  • Ordinary Members: David Arnold, Amie Leigh Fairs, Samantha Goodrick, Christopher Lewin, Peter Owen
  • Foreign Correspondents: Gina Bruckner, Amy Goodwin-Davies, Kajsa Djärv, Karoline von dem Berge, Richard Littauer, Laura Tomlinson

  • President: Georgina Brown
  • Vice President: Amy Goodwin-Davies
  • Secretary: Gina Bruckner
  • Treasurer: Laura Tomlinson
  • Talk Organiser: Kajsa Djärv
  • Social Secretary: Claudia Norrgren
  • Librarian: Christopher Lewin
  • Academic Families Coordinator: Ryan Hamilton
  • Webmaster: Pippa Shoemark
  • Ordinary Members: Rosie Kay, David Arnold, Laura Aichroth
  • Foreign Correspondents: Sam Goodrick, Amie Fairs, Alice Ware, Elizabeth Anderson, Sonja Virta, Richard Littauer
  • LEL Class Representatives: Joe Dewhurst, Naomi Beecroft, Signe Jorgensen, Gina Bruckner

  • President: Kajsa Djärv
  • Secretaries: Lili Fullerton & Elizabeth Anderson
  • Treasurer: David Arnold
  • Talk Organisers: Kajsa Djärv & David Arnold
  • Social Secretary: George Brown
  • Librarian: Laura Tomlinson
  • Academic Families Coordinators: Elsbeth Helfer, J Rae, Laura Tomlinson
  • Webmaster: Richard Littauer
  • Ordinary Members: Sam Goodrick, Celia Dugua, Pippa Shoemark
  • Foreign Correspondent: Amy Goodwin-Davies
  • LEL Class Representatives: Helen Jones, Amanda Grimm, Richard Littauer