Crash Blossoms

I’ve been saving up my crash blossoms and misparsed headlines. Here are three I thought were particularly odd.

This one just plain confused me. There are four verbs in a row – stock, decline, forces, and increased. Of course, it turns out that ‘stock’ is the noun, as is ‘decline’. ‘Increased’ is a past participle modifying ‘management.’ ‘Forces’ is the verb that was supposed to be read – but this is darned confusing.
This one may not be an actual crash blossom. I was basically very confused because I never see ‘Engineer’ on it’s own, and ‘Studies’ for me normally implies more than one study, not the 1st person present form of the verb. There’s no false way to read this – I just got caught up in it, until I realised that ‘Engineer’ is singular, and I had misread it.

Again, probably not an actual crash blossom. I just thought it was very strange to use the term ‘world’. It almost implies, for me, that Japan is not on Earth. Strange.

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