Extra-Special LangSoc Lecture!



To celebrate a delegation of Dutch students visiting the University of Edinburgh, LangSoc is proud to present a special lecture in addition to our usual program! This lecture will be given by our very own Chris Cummins and will be about reasoning with numbers in language. His full abstract is as follows:
“There’s a substantial literature on the semantics and pragmatics of quantity expressions, including those involving number. This literature has only tangentially connected to the celebrated body of research on cognitive biases, which has been argued to show that humans are predictably irrational in certain aspects of reasoning. However, some pragmaticists have raised the concern that there are linguistic confounds in some of the most striking experimental demonstrations of human irrationality. In this talk I sketch some of the pragmatic inferences that are licensed by the use of expressions of numerical quantity, and consider how these might emerge in reasoning paradigms, and what implications this might have.”
Free entry for members, £2 for non-members. As always, we’ll be going to the pub afterwards — come along to socialise with Chris and with our guests!
Appleton Tower LT3 (NB! we’re in LT3 this time, not LT1 as usual) — 18:00 doors for a 18:15 start — Friday 20 November

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