LangSoc AGM 2011 (and Post-AGM Reception)

Monday 28 February | Appleton Tower lecture theatre 2 | 19:30

LangSoc: Edinburgh University Linguistics & English Language Society invite you to their 2011 Annual General Meeting.

We have much to celebrate this year and hope that many of our members can attend our AGM as we need to thank everyone for helping to contribute to our most successful year ever.

It is also the time when the current committee relinquish their positions and a new committee is voted in. Short presentations from the executive committee will be followed by the nomination and voting process.

Anyone is welcome but only paid members can stand for committee positions or vote on who fills these positions and other decisions

. Please bring your membership card on the day to ease the voting process. There are still a number to be collected if you find you do not yet have yours. The event will be free but membership will also be available on the door at the reduced rate of £2 for anyone wanting to participate.

Being on the committee of a busy society like LangSoc is a great way to learn new skills such as event organisation, public speaking and administration and looks great on a CV as well as being a valuable contribution to the LEL department.

Nominations will be taken for each position and must be seconded, and members are allowed (and encouraged!) to nominate themselves. Nominations can be put forward on the night or emailed in advance (this is essential if you would like to stand but can not make the AGM). Voting will occur when the nominees are out of the room.

We will also be having a post AGM reception to celebrate this year and welcome the new committee in Teviot Committee Room at 21:00.

Below are details of each committee role with key responsibilities; in parentheses is the maximum number of members who can fulfil that role. The committee needs a minimum of president, secretary and treasurer to continue next year.

The Committee Positions:

President (1)
-Be responsible for Society business, projects, events and image;
-Maintain an overview of Society happenings in close consultation with other Committee members;
-Represent the Society and Committee to members and third parties;
-Write letters on behalf of the Society;
-Delegate tasks and ensure the smooth running of the Society and Committee.

Secretary (2)
-Manage and delegate tasks and make sure tasks get done;
-Facilitate and take minutes of Committee meeting/ distribute the minutes;
-Manage the inboxes and write emails to the Society;
-Keep up to date with ongoing Society business, projects and events;
-Liaise with third parties and other organisations.

Treasurer (1)
-Manage and record Society funds and bank account;
-Develop fund-raising initiatives and apply for EUSA grants;-Be responsible for small expenditures, present large expenditures to Committee and distribute funds to other Committee members as necessary;
-Collect membership money, issue membership cards and maintain membership list;
-Arrange floats for events;
-Respond to finance emails.

Social Secretary (2)
-Suggest and collate ideas for social events;
-Research various venues for social events;
-Liaise with other societies to collaborate on social events;
-Liaise the with Academic Families Coordinator to arrange events that specifically lubricate the dynamics of academic families;
-Make venue bookings;
-Publicize upcoming events and encourage members to attend.

Talk Organizer (2)
-Cooperate closely with the Treasurer;
-Suggest ideas for lecture topics of interest;
-Respond to requests for lecture topics;
-Invite speakers to lectures and following pub meal, including being responsible for making financial arrangements known;
-Ensure a varied lecture programme and avoid timetable clashes.

Web Master (1)
-Maintain the LangSoc website, email account and online presence;
-Update website schedule and Facebook events;
-Contribute to the blog;
-Record Soap Vox lectures as allowed by speakers.

Librarian (1)
-Help with ordering and acquiring stock;
-Open the library on a weekly basis;
-Keep a record of resources and maintain the library space;
-Meet with the treasurer to agree on a budget.

Academic Families Coordinator (1)
-Ensure members are aware of Family opportunities;
-Maintain records on spreadsheets and databases;-Organise (at least) one event per semester in conjunction with the Social Secretary;
-Serve as a contact point for information about Academic Families.

Foreign Correspondent (no limit)
-Represent LangSoc abroad;
-Encourage cooperation between Edinburgh’s LangSoc and other academic institutions;
-Write blog posts about your overseas linguistics experiences on the LangSoc blog;
-Liaise with ULAB & IALS

Ordinary Member (no limit)
-Attend regular meetings, events and activities;
-Be involved with the organisation and running of LangSoc;
-Help with admin and other tasks.

We will also be voting to pass a motion to introduce the new role of Postgraduate Officer (key task: to represent the postgraduate p

erspective with an aim of increasing postgraduate participation within LangSoc); this would be a great way to really incorporate LangSoc into the department and increase dialogue with all department constituents, an initiative we have been working on this year with our Academic Families.

There is also the option to create the position of Vice President.

See the FB event page.


Our AGM is intended to be accessible by all; please feel free to contact us beforehand if you require assistance or further information.

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