LangSoc EGM


Are you interested in being on the LangSoc committee? Come along to our EGM and run for one of our three available positions! We’re electing a First Year Rep, a Postgrad Rep, and an Ordinary Member, or, failing the presence of a willing postgrad, two Ordinary Members.

You don’t need any experience to join the committee, all you need is enthusiasm! First Year and Postgrad Reps are responsible for communicating about LangSoc to their respective groups, such as advertising our events and, in the case of the First Year Rep, our peer support program FamiLing. Ordinary Members have no specific role, but instead help out wherever needed.

If you want to run for any of these positions, you can email us here, or just show up on the day and nominate yourself!

This EGM will also vote on a change to the constitution.

BYOP – bring your own pen


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