Here you will find an up to date list of various LangSoc resources and materials. This includes links to sites around the web which are very useful for linguistics or English language students. If you have any suggestions, please email them in, or comment below.


LangSoc Documents

The LangSoc Constitution (2016-17)

The Participation Pool

We’ve decided to reinstate this really great idea!

If you’d like to help your fellow linguists out by being a participant, want to gain insight in to what happens in linguistics experiments or want to get ideas for what you could do in your 4th year, then check back here regularly.

If you’d like us to advertise for participants here or provide a link for an online survey, just email us and we’ll put it up.

Current experiments:



LangSoc Library

The LangSoc Library

Our library has now officially been merged with the Psychology Library. Here are some of the books contained: LangSoc’s LibraryThing

Some reading advice from an old committee member (05/02/2011).

The Online Media Library (Videos and Audio)

In the earlier days of our society, we were allowed to record some of our lectures. You can find them here. Note: These are uploaded onto the Edinburgh linguistics server, which is inaccessible unless you are signed in on a university network or through the VPN.

For our more recent lectures, you can see the abstracts (as well as other details) of all those we’ve had here.

Some of the other stuff we have


We have many Scrabble boards of differing vintage including Super Scrabble with more tiles, spaces and a quadruple word score!

We also have Cards Against Humanity.


We currently own a copy of The Linguists.

The Wug Cosutumes

An uncanny replica of Jean Berko Gleason’s non-creature from the eponymous 1958 Wug test. As of 2016, we have two.

LangSoc Shop

Each year LangSoc sells Linguistics & English Language Hoodies. Watch this space and keep up to date with our Weekly Emails (you can sign up by emailing us) to get informed about our next hoodie orders.

ORDERS ARE NOW CLOSED. See Facebook for more information on when and how to pay.

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