Here you will find an up to date list of various LangSoc resources and materials. This includes links to sites around the web which are very useful for linguistics or English language students. If you have any suggestions, please email them in, or comment below.

LangSoc Docs

Our constitution, as well as other useful documents – such as the helpful notes about applying for post-grad study in the US, put together by Amy (our current vice-president and ex-foreign correspondent) – can be accessed over on our EUSA society profile.

The Participation Pool

This is a feature that is likely to be most useful in semester 2, when honours and master’s students are looking for participants for their dissertation/project experiments and questionnaires. See the list below for a list of current experiments.

If you’d like to help your fellow linguists out by being a participant, want to gain insight in to what happens in linguistics experiments or want to get ideas for what you could do in your 4th year, then check back here regularly.

If you’d like us to advertise for participants here or provide a link for an online survey, just email us and we’ll put it up.

Current experiments:

In this study, you will listen to sentences played simultaneously with different types of noise, and will be asked either to type as much as you have understood of each sentence into a computer keyboard. We should point out that you are not being tested in this experiment. Instead we hope to find out how different noise types and levels affect speech intelligibility or understandability. The experiment should take approximately 40 minutes and pays £8.

Since CSTR is an interdisciplinary department that works with PPLS as well as the School of Informatics, I thought that members of LangSoc would be interested in contributing in this kind of research. If you require more information about the experiment you can email Dr. Cassie Mayo at For more information about participating you can just email me at

Hello everyone!

I am writing my dissertation on Scottish English and I need to find participants for a short recording experiment. I’m looking for men from Edinburgh, of about 20-25 or 65-73 years old.
The recording can be arranged at any time that suits you and can take place anywhere (as long as it’s a quiet environment).

Any help will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with chocolate, cookies or anything you like!
Please get in touch at for more information.


I’m looking for fantastic people to participate in my Linguistics experiment please! I’m studying the effect of proficiency on verbal fluency in bilinguals, and doing a comparative study of bilinguals and monolinguals.

Participants who use a second language on a regular basis are invited to take part.

This includes participants who are: bilingual from birth/ non-native English speakers that have lived in the UK for longer than a year (French, Japanese, Russian etc)/ English-dominant bilinguals/ English speaking particants who have studied a second language and have lived in a country where that language is spoken.

I’d be really grateful to anyone who fits this profile and would be willing to take part. It should only take 20minutes and can be arranged at a time that suits you. There will be lots of sweets/cakes for eager volunteers!

Please get in touch at for more information.

Thank you,

I am writing a dissertation about V2 in Norwegian dialects. For the purpose I made a survey which should take 6-7 minutes to fill but it must be filled ONLY by NATIVE NORWEGIANS. I am looking for speakers of all dialects, all ages, preferably not from Oslo, but rather from the Western and from the Central parts of the country.

I need all the participants I can get so if anyone fills it in, it would be helpful if they send the link further.

Here is the link to the survey. Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

I am doing a perceptual dialectology study of people native to Glasgow and Edinburgh and their views on their own accent and each others.

I am collecting my data through an online survey:

I have had quite a few responses from people from Glasgow but am still looking for people from Edinburgh (who have lived here for 10 years or more).

People can contact me by email if they would like to:

Thank you in advance for your help,


I am looking for native speakers of English or Mandarin to take part in a dissertation experiment. The experiment involves a story-telling game and is quite fun – it lasts only around 15 minutes. Cake will be provided to all participants.

Thanks very much!

Contact details:

07981 315 140

Over the past year, we have been trying to set up a scientific study that is important for many researchers interested in words, word meaning, semantics, and cognitive science in general. It is a huge word association project, in which people are asked to participate in a small task that doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes. Our goal is to build a global word association network that contains connections between about 40.000 words, the size of the lexicon of an average adult. Setting up such a network might teach us a lot about semantic memory, how it develops, and maybe also about how it can deteriorate (like in Alzheimer’s disease). Most people enjoy doing the task, but we need thousands of participants to succeed. Of course the network will be freely available to all interested language researchers when it becomes substantial enough.

The task can be found on

We thank you in advance.

Prof. G. Storms and Dr. S. De Deyne
Department of Psychology
University of Leuven
Tiensestraat 102
3000 Leuven

Who Are You? Tell the world. In Swedish.

We are a Swedish/British initiative who want to make an online collage of international identity in the intriguing (and sexy) language of the North. Now we need help!

We are interested in people and people’s stories. We’ve been hiking around Stockholm, Sweden, finding our local identities. Our homepage is updated by us, daily. What we need is contributors. And it is easy to get involved! Submit your video, picture or text straight to our page.

Tusen tack för hjälpen!

LangSoc Library

The joint PhilSoc-LangSoc Library

The library is situated in the Adam Smith Room (6.10) on the 6th floor of the Dugald Stewart Building (if you go up the main stairwell it is the room directly on your left as you enter the 6th floor). The library is shared with Philosophy Society and we keep a up-to-date selection of books on Linguistics, including LEL course textbooks.

Our Librarian is Jamie Sutherland.

You can browse the LangSoc Library Catalogue online here: LangSoc’s LibraryThing

Permalink to blog post: A message from the LangSoc Library (from 05/02/2011).

The Online Media Library (Videos and Audio)

We make it standard practice to at least try and record our lecture series. These are uploaded onto the Edinburgh linguistics server, which is inaccessible unless you are signed in on a university network or through the VPN.

To access the audio, follow this link. We will try to make it standard practice to upload the videos or audio within a couple of days after each talk.

Fun Stuff

Scrabble Boards

We have 15 Scrabble boards of differing vintage including Super Scrabble with more tiles, spaces and a quadruple word score!

Giant Scrabble Board

This monster board is the size of 4 double bed sheets put together (that’s because it’s made of 4 double bed sheets put together!). It’s a giant version of a standard scrabble game and often makes an appearance at our events. It has recently been wind and water-proofed but Edinburgh’s wind can still defy it sometimes.

The Wug Cosutumes

An uncanny replica of Jean Berko Gleason’s non-creature from the eponymous 1958 Wug test. In 2012 we made two new costumes so we now stock three wugs!

LangSoc Shop

Each year LangSoc sells Linguistics & English Language Hoodies. Watch this space and keep up to date with our Weekly Emails (you can sign up by emailing us) to get informed about our next hoodie orders.

LangSoc Locations

A map showing all the venues and places we use around Edinburgh.

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