Soap Vox Lecture | 15 February | Dr. Cara Featherstone

Wednesday 15 February at 18:00 in Appleton Tower

Dr. Cara Featherstone (Leeds University) on Psycholinguistics and the Psychology of Music

Music and language could both be described as a series of sounds. The similarities between the ways in which these sounds combine to form meaningful sequences, and between the ways we process these musical and linguistic sequences are striking. Using the combinatorial properties of music and language, my research aims to uncover general cognitive principles and investigate transfer effects between domains of human cognition.

My research has focused on what happens when music and language present something unusual, such as a chord which doesn’t quite fit within a piece, or a word which doesn’t quite fit within a sentence. Incongruous elements generate very similar neurophysiological responses across music and language, and theories have long posited a role for incongruities in evoking emotions in both music and language. In this talk, I present a series of experiments looking at how we process and respond to linguistic and musical incongruities. These experiments include a look at what effects incongruities have on both neurophysiological and behavioural responses to music and language, what emotional labels participants attribute to slightly odd music and language, and what differences and similarities my data demonstrated between musicians and non-musicians in music and language processing.

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The talk will start at 6:00 p.m. and last about 1 hour. It will be followed by a Q&A session (about half an hour). We will then go to a pub for food and drink with the speaker.

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