Soap Vox Lecture | 29 February | Dr. Hannah Rohde

Wednesday 29 February at 18:00 in Appleton Tower

Dr. Hannah Rohde (Edinburgh University) on What to do when a linguist says she’s expecting (or Discourse-driven expectations in sentence processing)


The research I do focuses on the ways that listeners infer meaning across sentences in a discourse: the factors that allow them to follow a discourse, to form representations of the events being described, and to generate expectations about how subsequent utterances will relate to prior linguistic material. In this talk, I’ll discuss the influence of discourse-level expectations on several well-studied phenomena: coreference resolution, syntactic processing, and categorical sound processing. The results show that comprehenders use a variety of cues within a sentence, including lexical semantic properties of the verb, to anticipate what relation is likely to hold between the current sentence and the next as a discourse progresses.


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The talk will start at 6:00 p.m. and last about 1 hour. It will be followed by a Q&A session (about half an hour). We will then go to a pub for food and drink with the speaker.

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