Time flies and soon I’ll fly away…

Since I am now(-ish) one of LangSoc’s Foreign Correspondents and I just booked my flight, I thought I could just go ahead and write my first FC blog post. I will try and post something now and then during my year abroad, to introduce you to (Linguistics at) another institution and of course, also a little more to the country. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

For those of you who don’t know it yet; I’m Gina, in my second year at Edinburgh studying Linguistics and Psychology, and I am going on exchange to the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

The application process started quite a long time ago, in November, and just before Christmas I received an email telling me that I had been offered a place at the University of Auckland. I had to complete an online application, upload some documents and send them a pile of hard copies (well, this is still in progress and it’s not me but the International Exchange Officer doing it (hopefully)). I booked my flight yesterday (one-way 540 Pounds), can apply for accommodation in April and as soon as I get a definite offer from Auckland I will get my head around filling in the 16-pages VISA form. Hurray.

Not only are the seasons different in New Zealand, but also the structure of the academic year. Thus I’ll start semester 2 in July, my summer holidays are from December till the end of February, and then semester 1 begins. I haven’t decided on my courses yet, though I’m quite interested in second language learning and it seems like at least 80% of the professors at Auckland do related research. Not being much of a sociolinguist, I will still definitely sneak in some lecture by Miriam Meyerhoff 😉

I’m really looking forward to this adventure, an opportunity to broaden my horizon, see more of the world, and discover another culture which will enrich me in and beyond my studies.

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