Towards a historical sociology of language


This week’s lecture talk will be given by Robert McColl Millar of the University of Aberdeen, and will be about the historical sociology of language. His abstract is as follows:

Macrosociolinguistics, or the Sociology of Language, represents the study of the ways in which culture, politics and economics interrelate with the use of language. Inevitably, the discipline needs a diachronic perspective to understand the synchronic environment. The former is very much ancillary to the latter, however. But what happens if we consider the fluid and progressive nature of the developing linguistic use of societies across time. This presentation considers these forces at work both in an era which is relatively well understood – 19th century Europe – and in another – early medieval Europe – which is generally unknown beyond the work of specific scholars. It will illustrate the comparative features which demonstrate both change and continuity in the social use of language.

Everyone is welcome to join us at the pub afterwards!

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Doors at 18:00 for a 18:15 start.

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